James Hoffmann has been involved with the specialty coffee industry for more than 12 years,  and throughout has been motivated to make speciality coffee more accessible to consumers. Being the 2006 & 2007 UK Barista Championship, 2007 World Barista Champion, 2008 UK Cup Tasting Champion and the UK Brewers cup champion in 2011, he built a reputation for his knowledge and skill. In his quest to make London famous for its good coffee, he founded Square Mile Coffee Roasters where currently is the Managing Director.

He worked in training, education, and as a product and business development consultant to innovate in a way that is beneficial to the broader industry. Among these projects are the creation of the VA388 Black Eagle espresso machine with Nuova Simonelli, along with the Mythos One grinder. As founder of the Coffee Jobs Board he has fostered a community within coffee.

He has written for more than a decade in his acclaimed personal coffee blog and recently on his Youtube channel, where he has accomplished his purpose to share  with the coffee community and with the industry his knowledge, thoughts and learnings.The World Atlas of Coffee, published in 2014, is his first book.

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